A Kentish coastal jewel

Immerse yourself in a seaside town that offers the perfect balance of heritage and modern life. Ramsgate is a town that is steeped in history, bordered by stunning coastlines, and overflowing with cultural and social attractions. The Atria, situated in the heart of Ramsgate’s action, allows you to experience this unbeaten coastal lifestyle in luxurious comfort.

Start at the beginning of a town steeped in history.

There’s an unspoken beauty about English towns with a story - towns whose history is etched in every street. Ramsgate as we knew it began its life as a harbour of refuge to those at sea who were attacked by a violent storm - and still to this day, Ramsgate could be said to be a modern refuge - a sanctuary by the sea away from the hustle and bustle of bigger cities.

The town itself serves as a beautiful timeline of architecture and history, spanning centuries. From St Laurence’s Church, a grade I listed building dating back to the middle ages of 1062, to the 19th century Gothic architecture of renowned architect Pugin at The Grange, Ramsgate really serves as a reminder it is a city that has lived many lives.

The history of Ramsgate is not just limited to the streets - beneath the cobblestones lies a network of tunnels, known as the Ramsgate Tunnels. Originally built as an underground Victorian railway, the tunnels more notably served as shelter during the coastal bombings in World War II, further adding to this town’s honour as a place of safety and sanctuary.

The town’s modern history can also be seen in the form of the Royal Harbour. This beautiful harbour, a centrepiece to the town, is the only Royal Harbour in the UK - an accolade given due to the hospitality and warm welcome George IV received at Ramsgate. 

And, although this is a historic commendation, the same welcoming nature of Ramsgate still rings true today.

Ramsgate’s natural beauty: sea, sand and green spaces.

The town of Ramsgate is blessed with some beautiful local parks, with a wide variety of flora and fauna. King George VI Memorial park, which is uniquely situated above the chalky cliffs, offers trails and walks all with spectacular coastal views, while Pegwell Bay Nature Reserve and its stretches of green space and saltmarshes are the perfect place to see wildlife such as migrating birds, wild cattle and seals.

The true jewel in Ramsgate’s crown, surely, is its stunning beaches. Awarded Blue Flag status, Ramsgate’s Main Sands beach is a stunning expanse of golden sands and lapping waves adjacent to the Royal Harbour. This little slice of paradise truly brings the ‘holiday-feeling’ to this town, a nostalgic feeling you can relive again and again when living at The Atria.

Explore the scene - eat, drink and be spoiled for choice.

Your time off is important. It’s your time to unwind, socialise or simply just do what you love. So whether that involves, food, drink or getting out and about to see the sights, Ramsgate has a brimming cultural scene with plenty to offer.

Eating your way around Ramsgate can be a brilliant way to start - from your traditional fish, chips, and ice cream by the sea, to fine-dining experiences set in the chic Royal Harbour, there is plenty of choice to suit the most diverse of palates. If a food market sounds more your type of dining, remember to explore the Ramsgate Spring Festival, where vendors serve delicious street food alongside live music and entertainment for a whole weekend.

If you’re full, or just fancy a more cultural day, Ramsgate is home to a selection of art galleries, as well as a Maritime museum for you to stroll around on a lazy day. Alternatively, stop for a coffee in one of the boutique coffee shops along the high street, and then get lost in one of Ramsgate’s local craft markets or vintage fairs for a more authentic day revelling in what Ramsgate has to offer.

Music is also most definitely on the agenda in Ramsgate each year, with its Festival of Sound. Set in the streets of Ramsgate, the festival invites everyone to find their beat with their range of music events for all ages.

World-class golfing

Golf enthusiasts will find Ramsgate a delightful hub, boasting easy access to a rich tapestry of top-tier courses set against stunning landscapes. Foremost among them is the prestigious Royal St George's Golf Club in Sandwich. Merely a twenty-minute drive from Ramsgate, this iconic club is renowned for its role in professional golf, notably as the only course in South East England on The Open Championship rotation.

Whether you're pursuing courses with a storied history or just seeking a picturesque round along the Kentish coast, Ramsgate offers a golfing experience that truly stands out.

The town with open arms.

When George IV bestowed the ‘royal’ title on Ramsgate’s famous harbour, it was due to the hospitality he received - and that welcoming nature still runs deep in Ramsgate today.

Seeing newcomers enjoy all that Ramsgate has to offer is a joy for the local community - and this is further complemented by the range of local events the town showcases to bring people into the town. From yearly music festivals, to food and craft fairs, there are plenty of social gatherings put on throughout the year to make sure everyone - newcomer or not - feels at home.

The Atria: the golden key to your life by the sea.

Situated in the heart of Ramsgate, The Atria is a development that is amongst the action, but also a neighbour to the waves. Ramsgate and all its charm is at your door, but if venture further afield, you soon find yourself amongst the many of Kent’s other famous towns. Broadstairs, with its picturesque seaside charm is a mere 5 minutes along the coast, while Margate and its Dreamland amusement park and trendy music scene is just 15 minutes by car.

The Atria, with its central location, and sophisticated, modern amenities, is the key to a new life on the coast.

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